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The persons & events in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.

Cave in Tora Bora, Afghanistan. Mohammed is tearing up Ahmed's book and making himself a cigarette with marihuana.
Frame 1.
AHMED TO MOHAMMED: Mohammed ! When you asked me for Noam Chomsky's new book you promised you would actually read it!
Frame 2.
AHMED: I hadn't even finished highlighting my favorite quotes!
Frame 3.
AHMED: Tearing up books to roll joints is not only barbaric -- it's plain stupid! For while it is possible to re-read a book it is not possible to re-smoke it!
Frame 4.
MOHAMMED: You are a close-minded white middle class conservative pig, Ahmed. My approach to books is as good as any other! You wouldn't have argued if you weren't such a close-minded white middle class conservative pig you are. Therefore, you're a close-minded white middle class conservative pig.
Frame 5.
AHMED: You monster! You've smoked all my favorite books!
MOHAMMED: Favorite, shmavorite . . . That's what's wrong with your approach -- uneven experience ! whereas I find all books equally satisfying. Look at you! You're a nervous wreck and I'm a healthy, wholesome lad.
Frame 6.
MOHAMMED: This is how I fight America -- it now has two major enemies -- drugs and terrorism. An enemy of my enemy is my friend. Have you heard of a war on books? Drugs make me a better terrorist than books.
Frame 7.
MOHAMMED: But unlike you, Ahmed, I keep my mind open. I never said my approach is better than yours. I concede that both approaches offer an equally elevating experience.
Frame 8.
AHMED: I guess you're right . . . It's quite fortunate that the greed-driven Western capitalists print books in thousands of copies to maximize return on the investment
MOHAMMED: Your voice is funny.