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Islamic fundamentalists believe that a "martyr" (shaheed) who dies in the holy war (jihad) against the infidels goes to paradise where he is given 72 beautiful virgins for wives plus a number of never aging boys for slaves (apparently, pedophilia is allowed in paradise as well as slavery and polygamy). In an interesting twist, if a woman dies as a martyr, she is rewarded with only one husband since women are supposed to stay monogamous even in heaven -- according to the same fundamentalist doctrine...

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MOHAMMED: (Watching video) God bless America!
Frame 2.
MOHAMMED: Allah is my witness - I love this country!!!
AHMED: ???
Frame 3.
MOHAMMED: I just realized how we can earn fast cash for our sleeper cell without much work! We'll make a porno flick!
AHMED: About what?
Frame 4.
MOHAMMED: Oh, I don't know… Something from personal experience…
AHMED: What personal experience? You and I grew up in an Afghan terrorist training camp!!!
Frame 5.
MOHAMMED: Well, don't you remember how your mom and dad did it? I do.
AHMED: You mean, portray Muslim women as embattered sex slaves? That's a goddamn stereotype! Think of something more original!
Frame 6.
MOHAMMED: Well... One way to avoid stereotypes about Muslim women is to make a porno flick without women in it! That's original -- and cheaper too!
Frame 7.
AHMED: Porno without women?
MOHAMMED: That's the beauty of it! It'll be just you and I!
Frame 8.
AHMED: (scared) Noooo!
MOHAMMED: Oh yes, baby. This is America, you can do anything you want here!