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The persons & events in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.

Bombing the Pyramids
Frame 1.
AHMED: I know as well as you do that Shaitan had built the Pyramids so they would attract infidels to the lands of the Prophet. But don't you rather blow up a tourist bus or something? Everybody inside the pyramids is dead anyway.
MOHAMMED: Don't be so sure, baby.
Frame 2.
MOHAMMED: Remember Osama took us to see The Mummy?
AHMED: Which one? With Boris Karloff or Brendan Frazier?
Frame 3.
MOHAMMED: Well… The point is, the blast will release the Mummy that'll destroy the infidels. No more tourist buses.
AHMED: Won't the Mummy also eat up the good Muslims?
Frame 4.
MOHAMMED: Come on, Ahmed. Do you want to become a martyr or not?
AHMED: Well, sure, but must it be a suicide bombing? Remember how we blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan? That was fun and nobody got hurt. I mean, really.
Frame 5.
MOHAMMED: Right. So I'll just tell Osama that you chickened out.
AHMED: Fine, I'll go and blow myself up. If Allah wants me to be remembered as Ahmed the Pyramid Bomber… Hey, that doesn't sound so bad!
Frame 6.
MOHAMMED: Hey Ahmed, guess what! April Fools!