Pro-US Rallies —
Where Are They?

These are the pictures I took with my digital camera on Sunday, March 23, 2003. It was a rally in support of the US troops held on Broadway, south of Times Square, between 41st and 42nd Streets in Manhattan, New York.

The number of people, in my estimate, was between one and two thousand. The location was as bad as one can imagine, with obscured view and a tiny space behind the iron bars into which only about half of the participants could fit. The rest watched and waved American flags from the sidewalks, separated by moving traffic. Considering that it is a very short block, there wasn't enough place on the sidewalks as well.

The most memorable chant was, "We gave peace a chance, we got nine eleven!"

Someone I know, a Bush-bashing and US-trashing member of the anti-war movement, asked me this morning,

If 75% of the USA supports Bush, then why aren't they turning out in any decent numbers to show it?

A good question. In fact, I had asked myself that question before.

If you give a damn about what I think please keep reading. Otherwise just enjoy the pictures - or add your own two cents on the forum.

If you write on the wall that the moon is made of cheese, it is not reasonable to expect others to act as absurdly and use the opposite wall to spell out the correct composition of the Earth's satellite. First of all, most people don't write on walls. Second, anyone who is interested can always find such facts in the library.

Just like there's no need to bang on open doors, there's no need to gather in the streets to support laws of physics. Gravitation is important, but it supports us regardless of whether we support it or not.

Likewise, you can always organize a sufficient number of people and hold a rally demanding that the melting temperature of water should be lowered by two degrees. It would be absurd, however, to expect an equal number of people on the following day demanding to keep the melting point at the current temperature. And it would be even more absurd to deduce from the absence of counter protesters that all others agree with your point.

If there are scores of books on conspiracy theories and UFOs, and almost no books that contradict them, does that mean everyone is in agreement with conspiracy theories and believes in UFOs?

Why do people bother, really, to organize protests on the both sides?

Everyone knows that scissors cut paper, paper wraps stones, and stones break scissors. Based on those rules people play the game of paper, stone, and scissors. But those who for whatever reasons don't accept these rules --- due to the fact that, perhaps, they or their loved ones have lost in too many games and, as a result, have developed certain psychological anxieties, feeling victimized or disadvantaged -- they go out into the streets and demand to change the rules as follows:

  • stones shouldn't be so hard because they break valuable scissors and also leave bumps on people's heads
  • paper shouldn't be so thin because it can rip and also give you a paper cut
  • scissors shouldn't be so sharp because they can accidentally cut an important paper and also people who run with scissors may get hurt

Now, there will always be some compassionate volunteers who will try patiently to explain to these protesters that not only the world wouldn't function with their "alternative" rules, but that the laws of physics can't be changed on a whim like that -- because, well, they can't be changed.

Such volunteers would be the few ones who form rallies in support of the existing rules.

As for the people on these images, they came to the rally not as much to oppose anyone or practice some sort of war-mongering -- they showed up to give moral support to our troops who are out there on a dangerous mission.

Thank you.

If the argument seems moot, I was in a hurry to post the pictures while they're still fresh.

Ollie Abbot
March 24, 2003

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The two images below came out rather surreal. There's a lot I could say about them but I'm sure everyone will have their own comments -- just look at them carefully. If you want to share your coments with us please send us email -- or visit the forum.

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VIDEO: Protesting the Protesters
New York City, 15 February 2003

VIDEO: Protesting the Protesters II
San Francisco, 15 March 2003

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