SITE:Islam Questions & Answers
DESCRIPTION:Utterly idiotic questions and even more idiotic answers posted in all cincerity "by one of the well known and respected scholars of Islaam." Some examples include:
- Question #12499: It it permissible for a muslim to eat with non muslims people who drink wine on the same table?
- Question #14030: Should one cut their nails or shave the pubic hairs while fasting?
- Question #21744: It it permissible to go to a hairdresser who plays music?
- Question #13685: He hears music sometimes in school without wanting to; is that a sin?
- Question #10224: Is it permissible to go to beaches where there is nakedness and free mixing?

- Question #11406: Killing non Muslims

Very entertaining - and nice design too! Makes you wonder if it's permissible for a Muslim to use the Internet.
SITE:Radio Islam
DESCRIPTION:It calls itself "The mother of all anti-Jew sites." This Islamic info source boasts thousands of pages filled with anti-Semitic rants. Adolph Hitler, Luis Farrakhan, Protocols -- translated into dozens of languages. A good source of anti-Western and anti-Semitic garbage deposits.
DESCRIPTION:Distorted news, perverted comments, biased reviews... All accusing the West of being distorted, perverted, and biased. When not dealing with the news, it's just a regular community center website based in Britain.
SITE:Conspiracies Against Islam
DESCRIPTION:The Table of Contents:

- Zionism, it's deception and lies
- The false religion of the Qadiani's
- The Khawarij, now called Wahhabi/Salafi
- The Anti-Islamic Deception of Shi'ism
- Nation of Islam
- Dr. York's cult (Tabernacle Ministries)
DESCRIPTION:How more extreame do you want it to be. A web site create by 'British', Islamist wanting a Islamic state of great Britain and openly supportin all jihad
DESCRIPTION:A made-in Pakistan English language site offering a mix of fundamentalist religious articles, propaganda, links to a number of extremist and Jihadist sites including Taliban (no longer operational) and such.
DESCRIPTION:Jihad, anyone? Jihad stories, Jihad lands, Jihad in Afghanistan, Jihad in Chechnya, etc. This site creates an impression of being dropped onto a different planet that resembles our Earth except there's never ending war, hatred and bloodshed everywhere -- where righteous peaceful Muslims are being attacked by a giant satanic monster who won't sleep until it kills each one of them. That’s why they must drop whatever important and peaceful things they were doing and join the Jihad against the evil Jews, Americans, Britons and other infidels.

The articles include support of terrorist groups, propagandistic instructions, warnings of FBI and CIA activities, and practical guides to dealing with hassle from Western authorities. Did I mention gloating over the losses US economy has suffered after the Sept. 11 attack? Yep, it’s all there for you to see.
SITE:Jihad Unspun
DESCRIPTION:Jihadist site based in Canada. Same old camel dung only beautified with the help of Western technology and pompously presented…
SITE:Taliban & Mujahideen News
DESCRIPTION:Hateful anti-American propaganda and falsified reports from Afghanistan. Maintained by rabid Islamic extremists with the help of Western turncoats who write their material.
DESCRIPTION:Peace site made to stop babykilling.
pro life site warning graphic images
SITE:El corresponsal
DESCRIPTION:Spanish side highy pro-arab and strongly biased agains US and Israel, where you can post any lies about israel, but minor offences to islam/muslims/palestinian terror are inmediately removed.
DESCRIPTION:ClearGuidance.com, the Islamic freakazoid discussion forum. Muslim kids talk about school, their parents and the best way to stab Jews to death.
DESCRIPTION:Allaahuakbar.... An Invitation to discover true Islaam. Or to put it another way, more hateful Islamic propaganda and lies aimed at just about anyone who is non-Muslim. Anti-semitism abounds here. Oh, and according to Allaahuakbar, the 9/11 terrorist attack, apparently the J-E-W-S did it. So no surprise there then from these jihadi munchkins.
DESCRIPTION:A web site run by London based Islamofascist, Sheik Omar Bakri Muhammad.

Al-Muhajiroun calls for Muslims in the West to "be the front line of the coming Khilafah … to become strong and united in order to become the fifth column, which is able to put pressure on the enemies of Islam and to be able to support the Muslim Ummah worldwide."

Sheik Omar Bakri Muhammad runs a worldwide Islamist organization that defends Osama bin Laden.

He has threatened Britain with Sept. 11th-style attacks. Despite the fact that Bakri has probably issued more threats than the average Mafia Don, the British government seems to treat him as an eccentric. The British treat their eccentrics well.
SITE:Christ on the Crapper
DESCRIPTION:Add sub-titles to biblical pictures
SITE: alqaeda - VIRUS ALERT!!!
LINK: http://www.geocities.com/rajputcomputer/ALQAIDA.HTM
DESCRIPTION: VIRUS ALERT!!! A pro-bin Laden site infected with a W32/Nimda.htm virus which loads upon entry. Enter only if you have an updated McAfee or comparable virus protection program.
SITE:VNN - Vanguard News Network
DESCRIPTION:a rabidly anti-Semitic site. In their own words: "We have come together on the Internet to reclaim the American mind from the Jews. In short, we are the Antibodies, and our advent heralds the day a White political force rises and reasserts civilization."
SITE:An invitation to the Truth.
DESCRIPTION:This web site calls everyone from every corner of the world, from whatever cultural, racial, ethnic or social background to realize this basic fact and think of his duties to his Creator. In this message lies the real redemption and happiness of mankind.
SITE:Catholique et Royaliste
DESCRIPTION:Le site de l'association Catholique et Royaliste
DESCRIPTION:it is telling people to kill each other !!!!!!
SITE:Islamic Forum
DESCRIPTION:I was just looking for information on Islam when I stumbled across this site. Some of the members are good, reasonable people. A great deal of them though are rather militant and more than a little scary.
In particular - one person posts this:
and says that Muslims must unite and fight for Allah...

It gave me chills...
SITE:Martyrdom Operations
DESCRIPTION:Martyrdom Operations seeks to produce Martyrs.
SITE:Bad Badgers.
DESCRIPTION:Psycopathic muslim badgers preform their jihad dance naked and unsmiling.
SITE:Saddam's Cyber Palace
DESCRIPTION:Maybe the NEXT time some blood thirsty tyrant tells the Americans he doesn't have any frikkin' weapons of mass destruction, they'll believe him!! Huh? I'll bet they feel stupid now!! So then why am I the one sitting in this stinking jail cell? Life just isn't fair sometimes.
SITE:Ask imam online
DESCRIPTION:Similar to islam questions and answers, but perhaps even sillier and more cruel
For example:
6696: How to deal with women that wants to work
9913 Is it permissable for a female to ride a motorbike
6737 May I marry a 12 year old girl and have intercourse with her?
11130 Is it permisilbe for muslims to wear NIke shoes and garments with this kufr gods name?
32 Is it permissible to marry someone from the Jinn race?
DESCRIPTION:French speaking islamists
SITE:lastupids website
DESCRIPTION:i hope you like my web page if u do leave me some comments at:

SITE:iraqi bounty hunter
DESCRIPTION:Terrorism & Iraq war news and commentary
SITE:Palestinian Web
DESCRIPTION:Talks about the History of Palestine really not that updatd
SITE:Between Christ and Mohammed
DESCRIPTION:On line book on differences between extreme Islam and Bible. Written by two top scholars in the field. Disturbing to some.
DESCRIPTION:Anti-American, Jihadi site
SITE:Radio Islam main site
DESCRIPTION:Horrifying hate against jews and infidels. Link to Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' in several languages. Apparantly the author finds suitable inspiration there.
muslim news
DESCRIPTION:Its is awesome got lots of islamic stories that I am sure everyoen will enjoy