SITE: The White House
DESCRIPTION: President - Vice President - News & Policies - Government - Mrs. Bush - Mrs. Cheney - History & Tours - Kids Only - Contact - Appointments - Search - En Español - State of the Union - Home for the Holidays 360 Degree Tour
SITE: Federal Bureau of Investigation
DESCRIPTION: War on terrorism. Pictures and bios of the most wanted terrorists. Press releases, programs, speeches, tips, related links. Pretty informative.
SITE: Islam Review
DESCRIPTION: Presented by The Pen vs. the Sword. . . Islam: the Facade, the Facts. The rosy picture some Muslims are painting about their religion, and the truth they try to hide.
DESCRIPTION:In Islamist terrorist attacks during the last 10 years, at least 15,000 people have been killed or wounded. These cruel crimes, aimed at civilians, are considered a part of Jihad by the Islamists (Muslim terrorists).

This Association was founded in late August 2001, almost two weeks before the Islamists' devilish slaughter of more than 5,000 civilians in the WTC, New York. That made us even more aware of the need to fight Islamism.

Fundamentalist Islam, Islamism, is pure fascism and nothing besides. It seeks to achieve totalitarianism, repression or slaughter of non-Muslims, the destruction of the non-Muslim cultural heritage, brain-wash from a young age, severe oppression of women and religious law, Sharia.

Everyone who prefers the democratic, tolerant society should join the fight against that movement - the most dangerous today, by far. YOU are most welcome!

Our Association combats Islamism by spreading info on its vile crimes, and by trying to unite and promote cooperation and mutual understanding between people, from all over the world, who are defending themselves against this crazed Mother of Terror.

"Kafir", Commander in Chief and founder
SITE:Stop Islam
DESCRIPTION: - Facts About islam - Special Reports - The Koran & holy texts - Islamic Nations - Nations fighting islam - Pictures / Footage - Website F.A.Q. - Humor Section - Guestbook - Disclaimer - Stopislam Staff
SITE: Mark d. Online
DESCRIPTION: Creator of this post-a-link script. I must say that this is nicest implentation I've ever seen - much better than mine.

SITE:Faith Freedom International
DESCRIPTION:Is created by mostly ex-Muslims to educate Muslims and others about the "real" Islam. We are against Hate, not anyone's Faith.

Pretty deep, with lots of original articles and testimonials. An extensive forum, gallery, library, etc.
SITE:The Awful Truth About Islam
DESCRIPTION:Refuting the Islamic propagandists in the American media. The real meaning of Jihad in Islam. Two Islams. WHERE WILL IT ALL END FOR AMERICA ? The New Fifth Column. WHAT CAN YOU DO ?
DESCRIPTION:The complete list of sites offering an
Alternative View on Islam. Names, Perspectives, Descriptions, Reviews. Pretty thorough job.
SITE:Funny Pictures of Osama and the taliban
DESCRIPTION:Hundreds of pictures making fun of Osama and the Taliban.
SITE:Islam and Science
DESCRIPTION:This site is about Islam and Science. Many Muslims have made the claim that scientific facts have been reviled in the Qur'an over a thousand years before modern science discovered them. Is that true? This site aims to find out!
SITE:Islam Exposed
DESCRIPTION:A good intelligent site, and well-designed too. A heated forum, smart authors, convincing pictures. Here's what they write:

- We need authors of essays, articles and books to donate their materials for our library. If you are an author, please help?

- We need people to spread the word about our site to as many muslims as possible.

- We need site owners to place a link to our site.

- We need atheist/freethinkers/non-theists as moderators on our forum.

- We need translators to translate the site into other languages.

- We need someone who has a bit of money to set up a mirror.

- we need people who have pictures of Islamic Justice to provide those pictures for our "Islam in Pictures" area along with the history of the pictures' events.
SITE:Kafirdom Unity
DESCRIPTION:Group based on the destruction of Muslims and Skins. Nof said!
SITE:The Islam Threat and the Enemy within
DESCRIPTION:The Islamification of Britain. The truth often offends.

The Titles include:

The "British" Al-Queda
The Islamic Guide
Global Jihad
Jihad In the UK
Islam Terror in the UK
Bin Laden in the UK
Islam in the Government
The "British Muslim"
Islam in the Media
Pro-Islamic Liberals
SITE:Persecution of Eastern Christians under Islam
DESCRIPTION:Since Early Islam till this moment persecution of indigenous Eastern Christians is continuous , therefore the remainders living in Islamic countries are quite few, which is estimated nowadays between 2-3%.

It is well known that countries such as Yemen, Hijaz, (North and East of Saudi Arabia), Jordan, Syria, Mesopotamia, Israel, Turkey, North Africa, Ethiopia were inhabited with majority of Christians with a good number of Jews, until the conquest of Islam to Christendom which started around 640 AD. The persecution of Christians & Jews took many phases, from massacres to collective punishments, execution, imprisonment, humiliation, taxes, or reduced to slavery & concubinage....



1. History of "Palestine"
2. The MYTH of a Palestinian People
3. Geography of Israel
4. Palestinian Refugees
5. Arafat & the P.L.O.
6. Beware of Treaties
7. THEY Must Go
8. The Cancer Within
9. Opportunity Lost
Etcetera ....

SITE:T. Chase
DESCRIPTION:Osama and the War against Terrorism in prophecies. Is Osama a demon?
SITE:Intelligence Resource Program
DESCRIPTION: This site provides a selection of official and unofficial resources on intelligence policy, structure, function, organization and operations.

Terrorism: Resources
Intelligence Systems and Programs
Worldwide Intelligence Agencies
Intelligence Threat Assessments
Official Documents
Congressional Material
Project on Government Secrecy
Current News Reports

What is there in Islam that makes it so violent?

This is a good site for understanding the history of Al Qaeda - its origin, motivation, plans for further terrorism which it believes "purifies" Islam.

When Islam is given a free rein to fully impliment the doctrines of the "sacred" Koran, this is the sort of state that evolves.

This "Front" is dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish People and the "Crusaders" (Christians). There are many links / Sources and Resources

Here we see "pure" Islam, with the barbaric Shariah law being exercised according the the "holy" Koran. Women take care not to get involved with this diabolical cult.

AL QAEDA's "CAVE MAN" - OSAMA BIN LADEN INTERVIEWED The Pakistani journalist who interviewd Osama bin Laden has brought out much of the Koran-generated mental disturbance of the terrorist.

Check out the Al Qaeda Training Program and its strategy, according guidelines and principles laid down in the "holy" Koran


SITE:Achieving Happiness
DESCRIPTION:Believe In the Unicorn and ye shall taste paradise, do not believe and taste the torment of the conflagration!
SITE:Islam and Jihad
DESCRIPTION:Evaluates arguments in favor and against Islam.
SITE:Who was Muhammad, Prophet of God or Evil Cult Leader
DESCRIPTION:Uses quotes from the Koran to show that Muhammad was an evil con man.
DESCRIPTION:At, every day is September 11, 2001. This site is not about anger management. We should never let go of the rage that Americans felt on that day. There will be no candle-lit vigils here. This site promotes viscious reprisals and full scale preemption against terrorists and the fascist despots who aid them with money, arms, and cultures of hate and death. Common sense will not fall victim to political correctness. The goal of is that citizens treat every day like September 11th until we can live and work in the towering testaments to what free men can accomplish without trepidation.
SITE:Armenian National Institute - Armenian Genocide
DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive research and educational materials on Armenian Genocide

... The atrocities committed against the Armenian people of the Ottoman Empire during W.W.I are called the Armenian Genocide. Genocide is the organized killing of a people for the express purpose of putting an end to their collective existence. Because of its scope, genocide requires central planning and a machinery to implement it. This makes genocide the quintessential state crime as only a government has the resources to carry out such a scheme of destruction. The Armenian Genocide was centrally planned and administered by the Turkish government against the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire. It was carried out during W.W.I between the years 1915 and 1918. The Armenian people was subjected to deportation, expropriation, abduction, torture, massacre, and starvation. The great bulk of the Armenian population was forcibly removed from Armenia and Anatolia to Syria, where the vast majority was sent into the desert to die of thirst and hunger. Large numbers of Armenians were methodically massacred throughout the Ottoman Empire. Women and children were abducted and horribly abused. The entire wealth of the Armenian people was expropriated. After only a little more than a year of calm at the end of W.W.I, the atrocities were renewed between 1920 and 1923, and the remaining Armenians were subjected to further massacres and expulsions.
SITE: The Armenian Genocide
DESCRIPTION: An extremely well-done site commemorating the 1915 Armenian Genicude by the Ottoman Turks -- with timeline, testimonials, etc.
SITE: The Armenian Genocide -- 1915 in Turkey and 1990 in Azerbaijan
DESCRIPTION: A collections of links leading to sites telling about the systematic extermination of Armenians by the Muslims.
SITE:Islam is from Satan. It is fundamentally flawed.
DESCRIPTION: All the reasons you need to push the islamaniacs off their high camel.
SITE: Enter Stage Right
DESCRIPTION:Great conservative weblog
SITE:jas2000's message board
DESCRIPTION:a message board
SITE:The Pearls of the Umma
DESCRIPTION:It's a site created by our French allies and, believe me, you can laugh your wits out while reading it (you have to know French).

It's a kind of a comic approach to the neurotic teachings of Islam. It has information on the practices of pedophilia, zoophilia and other perversions by the followers of the pervert Mohammed.

It tells us what answers imams give to questions concerning excision (female genital mutilation), drinking of wine as medicine, ejaculation during prayer. Folks, it's hilarious.

There is also a lovely pig there as a little decoration. It says actually that it is all sponsored by pig meat producers.
SITE:The International Policy Institute
DESCRIPTION:The International Policy Institute seeks international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism, paving the way for multilateral action against terrorist networks, benefactors, and states sponsoring terrorism.

ICT is a research institute and think tank dedicated to developing innovative public policy solutions to international terrorism. The Policy Institute applies an integrated, solutions-oriented approach built on a foundation of real world and practical experience.

The Institute sets its sights on the big picture: to win the war against terrorism and not merely the individual battles. Although ICT provides situational recommendations to the private sector, this is a peripheral activity. The Institute aims to affect policy at the highest levels, in joint cooperation with the world community.

News updates, forum, research, etc.
DESCRIPTION:One of the best anti-osama, anti-Muslim-terrorist sites
SITE:The Swastika & the Crescent
DESCRIPTION:Just in case anyone was curious about why Nazis, neo-Nazis and Muslims write virtually the same lies on the net and have each other's back all the time here is a great link. What gives it greater credibility is that it was originally written by the Southern Poverty Law Center which has been on the forefront of fighting against retaliation against US Muslims following 9/11. It is absolutely essential reading for anyone with a sense of history.
SITE:Know Your Enemy -- Islamic Terror Web
DESCRIPTION:This site offers a table listing many Islamic terrorist websites, their names, URLs, IP Address, ISP, Locations, Owners and their Locations.

Most interesting, those web sites are mainly based in the UK and USA.
DESCRIPTION:Interesting facts about Bosnian Muslims' participation in the massacre of civillians in Bosnia and extermination of Jews in Croatia during WWII. Also the role of al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, in recruiting Muslim troops for the Nazis.
SITE:Faith Freedom International
DESCRIPTION:Site created by ex-muslims to unveil the true Islam. Intelligent debates.
DESCRIPTION:Custom embroidered crushØ pro caps, ponytail caps and buckets.
SITE:The Humor Cafe
DESCRIPTION:A place to live the infidel dream. Infidel humor both standard and original. Infidel free games. Come live the infidel lifestyle the way it was meant to be lived.
SITE:Inside Jihad U. : The Education of a Holy Warrior
DESCRIPTION:Publication: The New York Times
Date: June 25, 2000

In a Pakistani religious school called the Haqqania madrasa, Osama bin Laden is a hero, the Taliban's leaders are famous alums and the next generation of mujahedeen is being militantly groomed.

By JEFFREY GOLDBERG. Jeffrey Goldberg is a contributing writer for the magazine. He wrote a cover article in February about King Abdullah II of Jordan.
SITE:Friends of India Society International
DESCRIPTION:A good source on Indian political life and the story of Islamic terrorism in India.
SITE:Kashmir Information Network
DESCRIPTION:Islamic terrorism in Kashmir --

Islamic Fundamentalism
Auschwitz in Kashmir
Pakistan's Role
Afghanistan Factor
Legal Documents
Terrorism Bulletin
Counter-Terrorism Focus
Kargil Heroes
Press Releases
Video Clips
Real Islam
External Links
SITE:The Terrorist Attack -- The True Purpose And The True Source
DESCRIPTION:1. Karl Loren Article -- The Terrorist Attack -- The True Purpose And The True Source

2. Ayman Al-Zawahiri -- Psychiatrist -- Evil Mind Behind Bin Laden

3. Special: Terrorist Attacks on America -- The Full Organization

4. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Psychiatrist, the leader of the Jihad Organization

5. The Search for the Manchurian Candidate

6. McVeigh: The Manchurian Candidate

7. Terror in the Mind of God

8. Fruits of Terrorism Are Stock In Trade at Tehran Exhibition
SITE:US Department of State - Response to Terrorism
DESCRIPTION:International Information Programs. Issues of International Security.

Latest texts of US President's speeches, other relevant documents, links.
SITE:The Great Satan Quarterly
DESCRIPTION:A journal featuring breaking news, political commentary, poetry, fiction, sports, copyrighted material reprinted without expressed written permission, analysis, more analysis...

SITE:Facts Of Israel
LINK: covers the basic facts on the State of Israel and the Middle East. This includes Maps, the History of the region, Statistics, and more. We also post daily articles related to the Victims of Palestinian Terrorism, Anti-Semitism, Jewish History, and also a bit of Humor, News and Opinions.
DESCRIPTION: A yahoo group discussing why they dont believe Islam is right!
SITE:2001 Terrorist Attack
DESCRIPTION:Group discussing the Sept 11th attack and Islam.
SITE:America's Mad As Hell Humor Page
DESCRIPTION:America's Mad As Hell Humor Page
Humor in a time of grief
SITE:Areli from Herat
DESCRIPTION:Areli the babe from Afghanistan takes no crap from bin Laden!
SITE:Yessir, it's Yasser!
DESCRIPTION:A day in the life of Yasser Arafat.
SITE:Yasser Arafat
DESCRIPTION:A day in the life of Chairman Arafat
DESCRIPTION:Links to islamic teachings and un-islamic opinions.

(this small and relatively young site - Oct. 2002 - aims at offering a growing collection of insights in and quotes from islamic teachings & islamic scholars on e.g. islamic intolerance towards other religions and 'the west', contradictions and unclearities in the Quran, sex with slave-girls, marrying child-virgins, female circumcision, etcetera, as well as opinionated articles. Sometimes with a touch of humour).
SITE: A list of sites blocked in Saudi Arabia

Infidel URLs Blocked in Saudi Arabia.

The authors connected to the Internet through proxy servers in Saudi Arabia and attempted to access approximately 60,000 Web pages as a means of empirically determining the scope and pervasiveness of Internet filtering there. Saudi-installed filtering systems prevented access to certain requested Web pages; the authors tracked 2,038 blocked pages. Such pages contained information about religion, health, education, reference, humor, and entertainment. See highlights of blocked pages. The authors conclude (1) that the Saudi government maintains an active interest in filtering non-sexually explicit Web content for users within the Kingdom; (2) that substantial amounts of non-sexually explicit Web content is in fact effectively inaccessible to most Saudi Arabians; and (3) that much of this content consists of sites that are popular elsewhere in the world.

Complete list of 1,353 pages, sorted alphabetically by URL

SITE:The Jesus Homepage
DESCRIPTION:My name is Jesus Christ. Welcome to My homepage! I work as the messiah for a major world religion - it's called Christianity. However, when I'm not at work I like to "surf the net". So I've finally made Myself a Web page. And I've got e-mail now, too!
SITE:Ambon Berdarah Online
DESCRIPTION:A great up to date (up-dated monthly) based mainly on how the government supports jihad and genoside in Indonesia, but also many a=other references.
DESCRIPTION:IslamistWatch is a catalog of the writings, beliefs, motives, and methods of the Islamist movement. While Islamists have many goals, the ultimate one is establishing a worldwide Caliphate (Islamic state): to overthrow and destroy democratic governments accross the globe and replace them with a single Taliban-style Islamic fundamentalist theocracy. There would be one all-powerful head of state, the Caliph. Individuals would be governed by strict Shariah Law, religion would be for Allah alone, and personal liberty limited by Islamic jurisprudence. The writings on these pages are genuine, written by the Islamists themselves. Many of the major works that provide the ideological framework and overall goals for Islamist groups like Al Qaeda, Al Fuqra, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayyaf, the Muslim Brotherhood, Lashkar Jihad, Jemaah Islamiyah and many others are represented here, in excerpt and, where possible, in their entirety.
SITE:Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS)
We believe that Islamic society has been held back by an unwillingness to subject its beliefs, laws and practices to critical examination, by a lack of respect for the rights of the individual, and by an unwillingness to tolerate alternative viewpoints or to engage in constructive dialogue.

The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS) has been formed to promote the ideas of rationalism, secularism, democracy and human rights within Islamic society.

ISIS promotes freedom of expression, freedom of thought and belief, freedom of intellectual and scientific inquiry, freedom of conscience and religion – including the freedom to change one’s religion or belief - and freedom from religion: the freedom not to believe in any deity. Exposing militant "Islam"
DESCRIPTION:The Battle of Omdurman marked the defeat of the followers of the slave trader Mohammed Ahmed (1843-1885.

This Web domain is devoted to exposing the truth about militant "Islam" (it's about as Islamic as the original Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition were Christian), and to becoming the Internet "Omdurman" of the 21st century.
DESCRIPTION:HonestReporting was founded by a group of concerned individuals that affiliates neither to the right nor to the left. It is only interested in ensuring that Israel receives the fair media coverage that every nation deserves.

HonestReporting scrutinizes the media for examples of bias, and then informs subscribers of any offending articles, asking them to complain directly to the news agency concerned. This is not merely an information service, it is a way that we can respond to the media in a coordinated fashion.

HonestReporting has 50,000 members worldwide, and is aiming for 100,000.
SITE:The Foundation for the Defence of Democracies
DESCRIPTION:The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies conducts research and education on international terrorism – the most serious security threat to the United States and other free, democratic nations.

FDD produces independent analyses of global terrorist threats, as well as of the historical, cultural, philosophical and ideological factors that drive terrorism, and which threaten democracies and the individual freedoms guaranteed within democratic societies.

Non-profit, non-partisan and non-ideological, FDD promotes informed debate about policies and positions that will most effectively abolish the scourge of international terrorism.

In addition, FDD works to improve education about democracies, and to help promote democracy in troubled regions around the globe.
SITE:Hollywood Halfwits
DESCRIPTION:Exposing the ignorance, insanity, and anti-Americanism of Hollywood celebrities.

The list of halfwits quoted:

Alec Baldwin
Ani DiFranco
Barbra Streisand
Bianca Jagger
Chrissie Hynde
Danny Glover
Dave Matthews
David Clennon
Donald Sutherland
Dustin Hoffman
Ed Asner
Ed Harris
Edward Norton
George Clooney
Gore Vidal
Harry Belafonte
Janeane Garofalo
Jessica Lange
Julia Roberts
Larry Hagman
Martin Sheen
Martin Scorsese
Michael Moore
Mike Farrell
Peter Gabriel
Richard Gere
Robert Altman
Sandra Bernhard
Sean Combs
Sean Penn
Sheryl Crow
Spike Lee
Susan Sarandon
Tim Robbins
Harvey Weinstein
Whoopi Goldberg
Woody Harrelson
SITE:Baghdad Janeane
DESCRIPTION:When a feminist as strident as Garofalo is defending the Hussein regime, you have to wonder if her newfound sobriety has hit a rough patch.
SITE:Stephanie's World
DESCRIPTION:Anti-war site on Iraq, plus funny clips.. journal, msg board, and even a picture gallery! woo
DESCRIPTION:Is there such a thing as an afterlife? This ecumenical question is as old as Christianity itself. All the vicars and popes and that reckon that the answer is “yes”.
SITE:Liquid Courage
DESCRIPTION:Blogging by a retro war goddess. Humor, rants and righteous indignation.
DESCRIPTION:A website created to help arm the liberty-loving Silent Majority with ammo -- ammo that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left.

Encouraged by our successful crashing of the February 16th San Francisco anti-war protest, we decided it was time for the Left to put down their megaphones, peel off their bumper stickers, and listen to the people who believe in the core values of this country. It's time to start making a little noise...

Whether you use our slogans, tshirts, or bumper stickers, or come up with some slogans of your own, all that matters is that we make a stand for what is right (see our mission for an elaboration).
SITE:Hindu Unity
DESCRIPTION:A website uniting self-respecting Hindus all over the world in their fight against Islamic terrorism. As the victims of Islamic terrorism for over a 1000 years, the Hindus know the minds of the muslims like no one else. They also know that there is no difference between one muslim and another. They know that the world can be rid of terror only if Islam is destroyed and all the muslims converted to any other religion. Excellent archives. A forum like no other on the WWW.
SITE:cock fiddler
DESCRIPTION:this is a beauty, ever wondered how to make bombs?
SITE:Books exposing Islam
DESCRIPTION:Three books exposing Islam. Others soon.
SITE:Death To Aussies
DESCRIPTION:I Have a plan to start a new war on Australia, read about how they attacked Pakistan !
SITE:Free State Interactive
DESCRIPTION:Leading infidel site in Kansas.
SITE:A site for french muslim girls
DESCRIPTION:Very funny... but in French. Muslims and infideles may discover french muslims girls on this "adult" site.
SITE:Our Enemies
DESCRIPTION:Speaks about Our Enemies in general, mostly speaks about Palestinian Terror but there is also a section devoted to 9/11, Also if you add my link to your site then I will do the same four your site. And a section about Self Hating Christians
SITE:The Witchfondler General
DESCRIPTION: The Witchfondler General fondles the news and accepts the slap in the face that usually follows with relish. WF loves making fun of the infidel Bush - it's so easy, though!
DESCRIPTION:Time's running out. The Bradleys are all around your mansion.What options do you have left? Fire off an email, of course! Help Saddam generate an email to the White House, then watch what happens...
DESCRIPTION:==> this site is a mirror-site of the whatsthisthen-site that is already listed in your links-bazaar. It seems the original site ( is currently often off-line due to bandwidth problems. Maybe it's a good idea to replace it with the mirror-site link...?

best regards,
an infidel

keep up the good work :-D
SITE:Saddams sick jokes
DESCRIPTION:The official joke site of the worlds most wacky Dictator.
DESCRIPTION:Quotes from islamic sites that contradict many popular muslim claims about how tolerant, peaceful, women-friendly etc. Islam aledgedly is.
SITE:The Anti-Terrorism Coalition
DESCRIPTION:Collection of websites with an alternative or opposed view on Islam
SITE:The CounterTerrorism Web
DESCRIPTION:The site shows everthing from terrorism to counterterrorism, to news/views on the subject from all over the world.
SITE:Faith Freedom
DESCRIPTION:An effort of secularists and humanists of Islamic origin to lead Muslims out of fundamentalism and into the fold of humanity.
SITE:Dar al Harb
DESCRIPTION:Anti-Islamists/anti-islam site.
SITE: Nazi Muslim and muslim love with NAZI (photos)
about Nazi & Islam with proofs from christian_prince
SITE: 16000 muslim leaving islam a day to jesus ?why
DESCRIPTION: this web made by an arab use to be muslims and the convert to jesus and we are allot more than you guys think .
Mohmad is a mafia LEADER using gods names for his sexual and money needs .
DESCRIPTION: Wry look at current events, including examinations of Muslim terrorists from their own points of view, including 'Hooray for the Lash! - U.S. Women Demand Islamic Justice Now!" AND "Baby Suicide Bombers-True Love for Your Children."
SITE:Christian Falangist Party of America
DESCRIPTION:A radical rightist political party that is pro-Israeli and anti-Islamic.
SITE:72 Virgins Dating Service
DESCRIPTION:A satirical shirt developed for infidel warriors by the Ranger Quartermaster.
SITE:Americana Giftshop
DESCRIPTION:Great gift ideas. Unique gift ideas patriotic quotes on patriotic pictures.
DESCRIPTION:A large and ongoing archive of the webs funniest flash movies, games, jokes and more!
SITE:Eric Mudasi's World View
DESCRIPTION:Views on Malaysia and the world from my perspective.
SITE:Christian Research and outreach Ministry
DESCRIPTION:Christian Apologetics website designed to help all who are seeking the Truth.
DESCRIPTION:footies yum..
SITE:Taliban Singles 2004
DESCRIPTION:Find your Talibabe today!!!
SITE:A day in the life of Yasser Arafat!
DESCRIPTION:Yasser's wacky world...
SITE:Students for Academic Freedom
DESCRIPTION:The Students for Academic Freedom Information Center is a clearing house and communications center for a national coalition of student organizations whose goal is to end the political abuse of the university and to restore integrity to the academic mission as a disinterested pursuit of knowledge.
SITE:City Journal
DESCRIPTION:Intelligent cultural analysis.
DESCRIPTION:Read hilarious political parodies and just as hilarious posts from readers.
SITE:Tech Central Station
DESCRIPTION:Where science meets politics - read very intelligent authors and discuss their articles with them on a forum.
SITE:Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Mohammed's own Words
DESCRIPTION:Looks at the Koran and the Hadiths, and shows, using only that evidence, that Mohammed was not a hero, but one of the most evil people in history. Explains why Bin Laden is a good Muslim and the Moderates are good people but bad Muslims. Highly recommended
SITE:Ask imam online
DESCRIPTION:Similar to islam questions and answers, but perhaps even sillier and more cruel
For example:
6696: How to deal with women that wants to work
9913 Is it permissable for a female to ride a motorbike
6737 May I marry a 12 year old girl and have intercourse with her?
11130 Is it permisilbe for muslims to wear NIke shoes and garments with this kufr gods name?
32 Is it permissible to marry someone from the Jinn race?
SITE:Know Islam
DESCRIPTION:No Islam = Know Peace
DESCRIPTION:Website of the weird and unusual. We make more people laugh than Nitrous Oxide!
SITE:American By Birth
DESCRIPTION:Your site is great. I just started one a couple days ago. Got a long way to go. It is born from frustration and anger toward ragheads, the French, and liberals. Please visit, and offer any tips. I'm 47, and basically ride in the "short yellow school bus" when it comes to the e-net.
DESCRIPTION:Funny infidel blog in German/English (1/9) with news about Islamism in the West and excerpts from international news about the absurdities of Islam and how Political Correctness deals with them.
SITE:idol worship
DESCRIPTION:islam and idolatry
SITE:Faith Freedom International (FFI) Gallery
DESCRIPTION:Faith Freedom International (FFI) Gallery provides evidences of cruelty, inhuman, barbaric of Islamic teaching. It consists of database of real life pictures and humour cartoons about Islam and Muslim. We promote freedom of expression, freedom of inquiry, and freedom in religion, including the right of not to believe in any deity. We believe in the ideas of secularism, democracy and human rights.
DESCRIPTION:Not only is Glenn "Mac" Frazier an infidel, he claims to be a "New Christian". He seems nice, even when he's calling for the slaughter of thousands of Islamic extremists.
DESCRIPTION:a one-stop shop for all your Hookah shisha smoking needs. We offer quality products at the best prices available online.
SITE:Iran Politics Club
DESCRIPTION:A Censor Free site for learning, teaching & trade of oppinions on Persian & global issues with large contents on history, geographical maps, articles, animations, graphics, cartoons, humor, jokes, etc.
SITE:Iran Politics Club: IPC Club
DESCRIPTION:IPC Club Forums, a censor free club for trades of opinions on various issues.
SITE:Know Islam | Believe it or else!
DESCRIPTION:People are increasingly aware that there is a darker side to Islam, yet public figures insist that it is a religion of peace. With the present world-climate, it is crucial that the motivations and beliefs that Islam instills in its followers become common knowledge, for a safer world.

We do not advocate any particular path or religion after Islam, and believe that living by the Golden Rule begins with giving up the claim to have special access to truth.
SITE:Flashback Forum - International
DESCRIPTION:A strictly free-speech forum where you can discuss a wide range of subjects that hopes to grow tantamount to its predecessor, Flashbacks Scandinavian Forum:
SITE:Middle Eastern Media Research Institute
DESCRIPTION:Plenty of information translated from Middle Eastern media (including Israeli but mostly Muslim) some of it can be quite shocking. Videos , Newspapers , TV clips and articles.
SITE:Apostates of Islam.

Who we are:
We are ex-Muslims. Some of us were born and raised in Islam and some of us had converted to Islam at some moment in our lives. We were taught never to question the truth of Islam and to believe in Allah and his messenger with blind faith. We were told that Allah would forgive all sins but the sin of disbelief (Quran 4:48 and 4:116). But we committed the ultimate sin of thinking and questioned the belief that was imposed on us and we came to realize that far from being a religion of truth, Islam is a hoax, it is hallucination of a sick mind and nothing but lies and deceits.

What we believe:

Some of us have embraced other religions but most of us have simply left Islam without believing in any other religion. We believe in humanity. We believe that humans do not need to follow a religion to be good. All we need to follow is the Golden Rule. All we have to do is to treat others they way we expect to be treated. This is the essence of all the goodness. All good religious teachings stem from this eternal principle. This is the ultimate guidance humanity need. This is the Golden Rule.
SITE:Mohammed's Believe It or Else!
DESCRIPTION:Comic book on what Mohammed REALLY taught.
SITE:Itshappening 2
DESCRIPTION:Unmoderated site!
SITE:Islam Awareness Week
DESCRIPTION:Make every week Islam Awareness Week
SITE:Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet
DESCRIPTION:Mohammed, of Islam made no prophecies and did no miracles. History reveals that Mohammed fought 27 battles and planned 39 others.
SITE:Global Decussion Message Board
DESCRIPTION:AlQueda ,Ansar Postings,News,Chats
Discussions.Very nice site.Members from all around the World.English,Arabic and french,Spanish and Russian Posts
SITE:Muhammad-Terrorist or Prophet?
DESCRIPTION:A good essay on why the teachings of muhammad are fundmentally flawed. It also talks about how the muslims consider the "jin"( a demon looking creature know to lurk around the cave Muhammed got his teachings) a mirace. However, most believe that it truely is a devil that gave him the teachings- Quran quotes prove that Muhammed himself is unsure on whether it is god or satan.
DESCRIPTION:all infidels must visit
SITE:British Troops In Iraq
DESCRIPTION:British Troops on film show that Alled Forces Moral is High in Iraq
SITE:British Troops In Iraq
DESCRIPTION:British Troops on film show that Alled Forces Moral is High in Iraq
SITE:A Christian Review of Bad Religions and Beliefs
DESCRIPTION:Critique of bad religions and their beliefs. An example would be Islam.
DESCRIPTION:Danish weblog with satiric comments on the political and demografic situation in the world - specifically in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The site is islamcritic, anti-dhimmitude, and anti-communist - and PRO-Bush.
SITE:Razor Sharp Claws
DESCRIPTION: Rants and political sometimes funny.
SITE:Bloggers of the left Unite!
DESCRIPTION:Coming from Great Britain, it's a spoof post modern / communist blog in the same spirit as the People's Cube.
SITE:I Love Jews
DESCRIPTION:Resource page for Jews and Christians ONLY
SITE:Occupation by Sam Cox
DESCRIPTION:Small cynical anti-war flash game. Kill the insurgents with your democracy bullets.
SITE:Little Green Footballs
DESCRIPTION:Anti-idiotarian headquarters.
SITE:Johnny Dang-Guitarist/Cultural Combatant
DESCRIPTION:News of guitarist Johnny Dang, recently dispatched by President Bush as a Cultural Combatant in Iraq.
SITE:The Ragman's Trumpet
DESCRIPTION:Political and Religious satire.
SITE:Fotosearch Stock Photography
DESCRIPTION:By typing in "Saudi Arabia" in the search field, you will be able to view a total of 88 photos and images of Saudi Arabia for free.

Foto Search Stock Photos allows you to search from more than 90 quality stock graphics vendors at one site! There are over one million images available, including royalty free vector maps, photos, clipart pictures, royalty-free illustrations, royalty-free motion stock video clips, and background clip art imagery.

Feel free to contact me at 262-717-0740 or via email at Thank you, and have a great day.
DESCRIPTION:Surreal website from the UK. Contains lookalikes, weird images, sound clips...
SITE: rational-thinking
DESCRIPTION:Disproves Islamic theories of false prophecies and the false book of QURAN - History of Armenia
DESCRIPTION:Armenica contains the complete history of Armenia, covering 800 B.C. to 2004, illustrated with maps and other infromation.
SITE:Bundesverband der Bürgerbewegungen
DESCRIPTION:A union of citizen movements (There are various language versions) which joined to conserve liberal, democratic principles and working to prevent islamic fundamentalists building up parallel societies in democratic countries.
DESCRIPTION:Satrical articles and news where no subject is too contraversial.
SITE:Foto Search Stock Photos in Spanish, English and More.

Fotosearch ofrece Fotografias e Illustraciones de Kuwait, Arabia Saudita, Iraq y mucho más. Usuarios navegan en Español, Ingles... en más de 90 colecciones de imágenes de Clip Art, ilustraciónes, video, mapas vectoriales, y más todo Libre de Derechos.

Fotosearch offers photos and illustrations of Kuwait, KSA, Iraq and more. Users surf in Spanish and English... in more than 90 quality stock photography publishers in one site. Users find Clip art, Illlustrations, Video Clips, vector maps & more all Royalty Free.
Foto Search Banco de Fotos Y Videos de Kuwait, Arabia Saudita, Iraq y Más
Fotos Search Stock Photos of Kuwait, KSA, Iraq and More

SITE:England Forever
DESCRIPTION:For the crusaders of England to rise for their country.
DESCRIPTION:An "in your face" site with some good background on Islam with some interesting satire.
SITE:Free Tell A Joke Day Ecards
DESCRIPTION:Hey, it's Tell A Joke Day ! So tell a joke or play a prank and share a hearty laugh with your near and dear ones. Send cute and funny ecards from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a roaring good time.
SITE:Free Tell A Joke Day Ecards
DESCRIPTION:Hey, it's Tell A Joke Day ! So tell a joke or play a prank and share a hearty laugh with your near and dear ones. Send cute and funny ecards from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a roaring good time.
SITE:Abu Hamza Excellent Video Site
DESCRIPTION:Abu Hamza the Jailed cleric Videos,
lots of articles, The inside story of how Abu Hamza was arrested THe sting .
SITE:Bobby Ludwig (On My Space)
DESCRIPTION:A Musical 'Tribute' to Some of Our Favorite Middlle East Terrorists!
Song Title: My Hezbollah
Artist: Bobby Ludwig
SITE:The Nose On Your Face
DESCRIPTION:"News so fake, you'll swear it came from the mainstream media."

Official home of Islamic Rage Boy.
SITE:Try Thinking, For A Change
DESCRIPTION:Discussion without the rancor
SITE:whykuffar ?
DESCRIPTION:A site for non-Muslim identity and spiritual development